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Selling Your Home

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Wondering who pays for what? Check out the list here!

Congratulations! You've chose to list your home for sale with M&M Property Group! So smart! You've signed your listing agreement, filled out your documents, chosen the perfect price and listing date!

Now what?

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- Complete your customized staging punch list!

- Rent a storage unit and start moving belongings to make spaces  appear larger!

- Make sure every surface is sparkling clean and lawn is cut.

- Your agent will schedule your listing photos and drone shoot.

- Your agent will take room measurements, complete MLS listing,  showing guidelines and put "Coming Soon" signs in the yard!

Consider a pre-listing home inspection! This will uncover anything repairs the home needs so they can be addressed before the home goes on the market. After the home is under contract and the buyer orders an inspection, all negotiated repairs must be completed by a licensed professional, even simple fixes. Finding these things out before hand might save you money because you can make the repairs yourself, if you are handy!

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Active Listing:

- Keep your home clean and tidy, ready for showings. 

- During showings and open houses; put pets away in crates (in  garage), turn all lights on and open all blinds. 

- Receive and accept an offer!

- Figure out where you are going to live!

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Option Period:

- Agent will deliver Option fee (as negotiated) to seller.

- Buyer's Home Inspection will be scheduled.

- Repairs will be negotiated if necessary. 

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- Get packing! Schedule movers according to closing date.

- Collect all house keys and manuals to appliances to pass on to buyers.

- Complete any negotiated repairs.  

- Do a final deep clean and prepare for buyer's final walk through.

- Send required paperwork to title. 

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- Meet your agent at the Title company at your scheduled time. 

- Bring state ID and bank routing information for funding deposit!

- Bring all keys and anything you'd like to pass on to the buyers.

- Take a celebratory picture, review, and refer your favorite Realtor to  friends and family! 

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