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Pricing to Sell!

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In real estate there are three factors that determine if a home will sell:




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As a home owner, you have control over two of these factors, condition and price. If you don't want to invest a lot of money in renovations and updates, then you really only have control over the price. Realtors use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to find out what price you home will command according to the current market conditions. Realtors can see what similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for in the last 90 days, the most current home sales determine what buyers are willing to pay for properties similar to yours. The condition of similar properties can be determined by showings and MLS photos. 

Current active listings in your neighborhood  and surrounding similar neighborhoods are your direct competition. Their prices (including any price improvements) are a good gage for setting your price. Ideal pricing for the minimum days on the market follow the classic laws of supply and demand. Out price your competition and sell your home first! By no means are we advocating you "give your home away". Our goal is always to sell your home for the most money (as the market allows) with the least amount of days on the market. 


 A complete pricing strategy is presented at the listing presentation and takes into account your neighborhood's CMA, any repairs or renovations, and staging suggestions. 

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